Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chantaburi-a charming town with French influences

Immaculate Conception Cathedral, 1907. There is also a LaSalle school in town. Though Thailand is 95%+ Buddhist, this area has about 8,000 Catholics with churches and schools to serve them. The roots of this church go back to about 1700, when Vietnamese Catholics fled upheavals at home and settled in this tranquil, peaceful place.

We had a noodle lunch in a stand nearby and admired the French-influenced architecture and the beautiful church. The church faces a charming, hump-back bridge across the river facing the old town area to the west.

This area was occupied for a time by the French, who eventually ceded it back to the Thai King, because he gave them concessions in what is now Cambodia.

The area is famous for fruit-growing.
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Took a ferry across the bay to the Soft-shell Crab Farm & Seafood Restaurant

It was a gorgeous sunset and ferry ride across the bay.

Posted by PicasaNext time we'll go earlier, because the moths were thick around the lights after dark. Food delicious and plentiful, and very inexpensive. The owners have to check every four hours on the crabs shedding their shells, year 'round!! Plus, they do the cooking. These folks work very hard.

Welu w. Bird-watching tower under construction

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More Welu Wetlands

diagram of the preserve

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Welu Wetlands Preserve entrance-Chantaburi

gorgeous place, well-planned and maintained
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Workshop on UniNet and Computer Applications (WUNCA) exhibits and keynote address

About the same as at home, except in Thai!
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Workshop on UniNET and Computer Applications at Burapha Univ. Chantiburi Campus

Scottie, Assanee, Pimol, Nongnath, Wannaporn in registration area
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Students in the computer lab and relaxing after class

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In the Novice's library with the Chief Monk & exhibits of student excellence

Nongnath presents gifts from SWU

display of science and other projects, including e-school and e-learning

Performanceof students on national tests for university entrance and scholarships
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Novices help care for the librarian's 4-month old son

the reading garden behind the library

Nongnath with a future librarian!

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Novice Monk's School Library supported by SWU

Pimol and Assanee at library entrance

For years, the SWU Library has supported this school for novice monks (13-18 years old) from poor families who cannot afford to educate them. The novices excel in their studies and many get scholarships to go on to university. SWU had renovated the library, added a garden reading area, donated books, etc. It's an inspiring place.
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